Not everyone knows this, but there is plenty of work to do on the lawns during the long cold winter months.

Grass will continue to grow with temperatures above 5°c. The average in December for Warwickshire is 4.2°c but individual days can be far higher. Some varieties of lawn weeds will grow at much lower temperatures giving the impression of untidy lawns.

We cut grass throughout the entire year because of this, but getting the mower out is not the only task to be completed.

Any late falling leaves (or early falling leaves that have not been touched) need to be removed. Light deprivation during the winter months can kill the grass by the time spring arrives. A blanket of leaves can also stop vital moisture getting to the roots of the grass.

Areas of worn lawn from the summer can also be repaired. Redefining the lawn edges will produce small patches of turf for repairs and save work in the spring.

You may be thinking about a garden tidy up before Christmas if you have visitors coming. With only a couple of weeks left it is time to get that arranged.

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