Rock salting

We are still out salting and clearing snow around Warwickshire

Well it is now day three of clearing snow and spreading salt and I can honestly say that I am truly fed up with being so cold and having numb fingers!! We had a bit of rain overnight but with it being so cold still that just means we have extra ice this morning.

Oh well, this will hopefully be the last day of it!

We’ve cleared pavements, playgrounds, entrances, a conservatory roof, car parks, blocked doors and driveways. We’ve unblocked drains, pushed cars (and a van), helped people cross roads, lit fires and collected provisions for trapped customers. We’ve shoveled snow, scraped ice and spread around four tons of grit salt. We’ve drank a lot of tea and coffee, we’ve warmed our hands and we’ve had rosy cheeks.

Don’t you just love British weather.

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