So on a cold January morning, it is good to look for signs of spring. Today I have spotted some hydrangea buds greening up. It’s a little early for it but you need to cling to anything available.

About Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas love a moist, but well-drained, semi-shaded part of the garden.

They are pruned after flowering (mostly in the spring), by removing dead flower heads and trimming any unwanted shoots back to healthy buds.

One of the most interesting things about hydrangeas is the ability of the flowers to change colour. This is not true of all hydrangeas though. The colour change is due to the soil pH levels. Those with blue or pink flowers tend to be blue in acid soil conditions and  purple or pink in alkaline conditions for example. So the feed used can change the colour of the flowers.

Rainwater is best to water hydrangeas, since hard water can turn blue flowers pink.

Blue flowers can be kept blue by growing the plants in acidic soil. Try adding aluminium sulphate which is available from most garden centres.

Red or pink flowers can be helped with ground limestone or chalk.


Hydrangeas can be planted in Autumn or Spring. Thy are a very satisfying shrub for a lot of gardeners as they provide some very vibrant colour to partially shaded areas.
If you wish to change the look of your garden this year, give us a call to discuss. Spring planting is not far away now. We’ve seen the signs!

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