Recently we have had the pleasure of revamping a tired area within a school prayer garden.

The area was old and in real need of an upgrade as it was unloved and unused.

The brief was to ensure that’s the area could be used all year round. This meant that AstroTurf would be installed and a general tidy up through beds and borders would be necessary. It was suggested that seating would be a great idea to encourage use by the children and the area would require fencing to ensure it is used for the intended purpose only.

The children of the school had also recently been creating art using pebbles which were painted or decorated with their own designs. This gave us an opportunity to add the children’s artwork in the overall design.

The existing paved area and pergola were to remain.

As always with these projects the first thing that you do is make a huge mess. All existing turf was removed and taken away to be recycled and turned back into usable products.

Once the turf had been stripped down to the correct depth the next thing to do was to add the hardcore base to ensure that the astroturf to be laid would remain in perfect order for years to come. It is always worth putting in the correct work at this stage. Preparation is the key!

Once compacted, sand is added to the area and compacted again. Always ensure that any sub base is fully compacted. The area is then covered with landscaping fabric to ensure that there is no future issue with weeds and that there is no movement of sand underneath the astroturf.

Fences were installed along the front edge of the area to ensure that the prayer garden is only used for it’s intended purpose.

The children’s art was added along the edge of the existing paving to create a stunning sweep of colour in the area.

AstroTurf was laid over the area and brushed with dried sand to ensure it would stand the test of time.

Benches were added underneath the pergola to create a wonderful outdoor learning space and ensure that there is a lovely area for quiet reflective time in this prayer garden. We selected new timber sleepers to create the benches.

Gates were added, the existing borders were bark mulched and a few shrubs were added to enhance the area. The transformation was complete.

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